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Brandi Carlile

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on November 13, 2017 - 1:02pm
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Seattle, WA
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Brandi Carlile
Year Active: 
2000 - Present
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Brandi Carlile
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  • Brandi Carlile
    party of one (feat. sam smith)
  • 355137

official videos

  • Brandi Carlile Performs an Acoustic Version of 'The Joke'
    Brandi Carlile - the joke (acoustic live on the ellen show)
  • Brandi Carlile - The Joke (LIVE at the 61st GRAMMYs)
    Brandi Carlile - the joke (live at the 61st grammys)
  • Brandi Carlile - Party Of One (Official Video)
    Brandi Carlile - party of one (official video)
  • Brandi Carlile - Party Of One feat. Sam Smith (Official Video)
    Brandi Carlile - party of one (feat. sam smith)
  • 8YeQj22Vw0M
    Brandi Carlile - Hold Out Your Hand (Official Video)
  • iSnHqHhyiUY
    Brandi Carlile - The Joke On The Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • EJux02lrMeI
    Brandi Carlile - The Joke on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  • 5r6A2NexF88
    Brandi Carlile - The Joke (Official Video)
  • 1A1fuxNXoH4
    Brandi Carlile - Whatever You Do (Live from Studio A)
  • EyJ-EvrX48k
    Brandi Carlile - Sugartooth (Live from Studio A)
  • BK4UjJccz1k
    Brandi Carlile - The Joke (on Jimmy Kimmel Live!)
  • z865nKpgH0Q
    Brandi Carlile - The Mother (Live)
  • 2adTSxUqnc4
    Brandi Carlile - The Joke (Live from Studio A)
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